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We are so pleased you will be joining us for the Lisbon Players Premiere Zoom Show.The Zoom room will open Friday, Oct 2nd at 6:30 p.m. (Portuguese time).Please use this time to familiarise yourself with Zoom and listen to the Zoom instructions at 6:40 p.m. and / or 6:55 p.m.Get yourself a drink and make yourself comfortableThe Show starts at 7pm
 Zoom Information:When you first join the call, you will be in a waiting room until your hosts welcome you into the zoom space. Your microphone will be muted upon joining the rest of the audience. 

We ask that you stay muted for the duration of the show unless otherwise requested.We fully encourage people to turn on their video cameras. We really want to see your faces, just as with a live audience. The controls for your camera and sound are on the left hand side at the bottom of the screen on a black bar.Zoom has different views for the audience members. At the top right hand side of the screen, you can make different selections. Select Gallery view and see all the people in the audience, or Speaker view, which will show the person speaking as the main video on your screen. You can also move the thumbnail videos to different places on your screen. Zoom has other features you can use during the show. On the black bar at the bottom of the screen, the icon on the far right enables you to applaud or put your thumb up.But don’t forget you can also visibly react to the show by clapping or waving your arms about! On the same Black bar at the bottom, the third icon is called chat, this enables you to send a written message to either the host, another audience member or to everyone in the call.  
 Zoom Security:Please do not photograph or record the show. The show will be recorded for internal use only and will not be shared. Anyone exhibiting inappropriate behaviour on screen, or in the chat will be removed by the Host. 
 Preparation:Make sure your computer or device is plugged in or charged fully.Please silence your mobile phones to minimise any distractions.Make yourself comfortable and have a drink to hand.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Lisbon Players Premiere Zoom Show. 

Auntie Marjorie, Cassandra, Winston and the rest of the team.

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