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Dear Friends,

We are delighted to bring you updates on what’s new and what’s cooking in the newsletter below!

We hope that this newsletter finds you safe and healthy in these extraordinary and very difficult circumstances.  We’re writing to you now to update you all on our present situation.

Colin Lee-Warden

The opening of this newsletter is of necessity on a very sad note.  Our colleague, committee member and dear friend Colin Lee-Warden died very suddenly in late September.  We were all devastated by the news, and will miss him sorely.  Our thoughts and love go out to his family.


We finally held our delayed AGM on September 30th via zoom.  It was lovely to see a few members joining us for the evening.  Here are two important items that were discussed:

– It was proposed and decided that membership of the Lisbon Players will be extended up until March 2021, so for any member who had paid by the last AGM, held in March 2019, there is nothing owing until 2021.  However, it is necessary to register online.  If you are a member, or were, but have not received our registration email, please contact us via the contacts page on our website or email to and we will send you the link. Members of the Lisbon Players are a valuable support to our work, are invited to our AGMs, and benefit from discounted tickets when we are able to start up again.

– It was also agreed that the present committee should remain until next year as a “caretaker committee”.  The committee members are Stephen Bull, Valerie Braddell, Tom Connell, Jamie Darke, Peter Dawson (Chairman), Paula Lobo Antunes, Suresh Nampuri, David Personne, Vicky Shearn and Celia Williams

We hope that by March next year it will have become clearer how we are to move forward and hold elections for the 2021/2022 year as usual.


Work is currently underway on our new website.  Whilst much of it is now up and running please be aware that it is not yet complete.  We will get it finished as soon as we can.

Current productions

Despite the restrictions we have finally got back into production mode.  To this end, we are very proud of Amanda Booth, who devised the “Lisbon Players Première Zoom Show”, hosted by Auntie Marjorie and Winston, with the help and support of many others.  It was live on October 2nd and brought together again many old friends and supporters of our theatre.  A nostalgic, fun and irreverent evening, a tonic for all of us who saw it.

Following on from this the first ever Lisbon Players film is in post production and we hope it will not be long until this film, “We Came to Lisbon”, written and devised by Jonathan Weightman and filmed by Luís Estarreja will be coming to a screen near you, as they say.

Future productions

Following on from these ventures, we do not want to remain idle and we already have one or two plans to consider.  However, we are open to ideas for, well pretty well anything really.  This is where YOU come in.  Maybe you have a short play in mind, or a full-length one, maybe you have an amazing venue which could be suitable, a zoom show, a monologue, a musical.  In these extraordinary times, we are not restricting proposals to the usual format, we welcome all suggestions, and we will study them all very carefully.  Of course everything is very much up in the air for now regarding live performances but we want to stay positive and be ready to get going as soon as it becomes viable.

So please, get in touch with us by filling in the online form in the proposals section of our website or email to to give us your thoughts.  We will be delighted to hear from you.


As you know we have the entire contents of Estrela Hall stored in the ADCEO.  The balcony is full of props, sets and our seats, some dressing rooms are full of our wardrobe and various other spaces house the contents of our bar, kitchen, foyer and lighting box. It is a large theatre – see attached photo – and may therefore prove to be ideal in the current climate as entirely possible to accommodate our usual audience whilst adhering to social distancing rules and regulations.

In the last month we have learnt that the Lisbon courts (Tribunal) have requested the use of the stage, auditorium and foyer areas for a few sessions over the coming months, due to its size.

Currently the theatre is without a performing license from IGAC (Inspeção Geral das Atividades Culturais) due to stringent safety regulations.  We are in the throes of receiving estimates for work to get the license, in order to decide if this space is where we will stay, at least for the time being.  Of course, getting any speedy responses to our emails and phone calls during the pandemic is an arduous business, but we hope to be able to have more concrete information with figures of the costs very soon.

Meanwhile we are still looking for, and have not ruled out by any means, finding different venues and welcome any suggestions of possible venues – both permanent and for presencial performances in Covid times.  We will follow up any suggestions made.

Our current plan is to communicate via newsletter every two months to keep our members informed of all our news.  We end for now by wishing all of you the very best – stay safe, we will be back soon, and …….. LONG LIVE THEATRE and THE LISBON PLAYERS.

Lisbon Players Management Committee

October 2020

The LP Committee

Celia Williams
Colin Lee-Warden
David Personne
Jamie Darke
Paula Lobo Antunes
Peter Dawson
Stephen Bull
Suresh Nampuri
Tom Connell
Valerie Braddell
Vicky Shearn

Please do not hesitate to contact us.