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The Lisbon Players’ presentation of


The Missing Children


Independent Theater of Oeiras


December 9th & 10th


Amber stands for ‘America’s Missing broadcast emergency response’ and was created as a legacy to 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, who was kidnapped while riding her bicycle in Arlington, Texas, and then was brutally murdered.”

This non-naturalistic theatrical piece, fully devised by six seniors from St. Julian’s School, emulates the atmospheric scene of a campfire, during which a horror story is told amongst five children about statues that come to life. The story follows an episodic structure to represent individual stories of six missing children.

AMBER is inspired by the AMBER Alert emergency management programme, a tool in deploying emergency management resources in a critical time. With this piece, we intend to raise awareness about the unfortunate fact that reported cases of missing children have, in our time, become a vicious cycle of being viewed as excessive publicity rather than a serious crime.



Alicia Kozak / Ensemble/Child 5          Moema Harle
Maisie Hill-Jackson / Ensemble/Child 1    Maria Fernandes
Bia Romano / Ensemble/Child 4.           Lucy Griffiths
Emma Lancaster / Ensemble/Child 3            Frederica Craveiro
Ran Wang / Ensemble/Child 2         Candy Liu
Haley Todd / Ensemble/Hooded Figure  Vera C. Santos


Written, directed, produced and designed by:
Vera Castro-Santos, Maria Fernandes, Frederica Craveiro, Lucy Griffiths, Moema Harle, Xinyi (Candy) Liu


Sexual violence, death, drugs