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The First Ever LP movie

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2 Shows Only
Premiere: Nov 1 @ 21.00 – Anniversary of the 1755 Earthquake
Nov. 2 @ 21.00


NOTE: The Online Box-Office for a given show will close two hours before its showtime.  


This is a FREE event but please take a moment to read below:

Theatre is and always has been about telling stories that explore what it means to be human . However in these tumultuous times,  the human condition is being exposed in all its terrifying vulnerability off stage. There are an increasing number of stories of people who being caught in the merciless wake of the economic consequences of the pandemic,  are unable to put food on the table for themselves or their families. They need all the help they can get at the moment. Therefore The Lisbon Players  welcome any donations you can make, a part of which will be donated to charity organizations such as Caritas doing their valiant best to help those in need, a sadly increasing number by the day.

We would welcome donations of any kind via the DONATE button located at the bottom of every page!




fragments of a city

An impressionistic documentary about visitors and exiles who have found themselves in the Portuguese capital over the past 500 years.

We came, we were assimilated, we complained, we created parallel lives, we were loved, we were hated, we were honoured, we were expelled, we were treated with suspicion, we were welcomed.

From conquerors to crusaders, from refugees to migrants of all sorts, from lords to shopkeepers .

From the English Queen Philippa in the 14th century to Lord Byron in the 19th, from Henry Fielding in the 18th century to pop-icon Madonna in the 21st, from Boer prisoners of war at the beginning of the 20th century to a new generation of Nepalis now injecting life into the city’s economy, Lisbon has always had a complex relationship with incomers, not always easy, but almost always enriching.

Shot in the British Cemetery in Estrela, Lisbon in September 2020


We Came To Lisbon Trailer

A film by Jonathan Weightman Camera: Luís Estarreja Original music: David Personne

with Celia Williams, Inigo Galiano, Maria Romana, Laurence Alliston-Greiner, Keith Esher Davis, Louise Kakoma, Prapti Adhikari, Jonathan Weightman

production assistants: Vicky Shearn, Guilherme Bonito, Amanda Barata, Elizabeth Day

a Lisbon Players production