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Já is an artistic association founded in Lisbon in July 2017, by Dan CotterallTania KumedaMargarida Rocha and Suresh Nampuri, to perform innovative English language theatre.

We aim to tell stories for the here and now – in English – in Lisbon, in the cultural cradle of Europe.

Apart from our mainstage productions, staged readings and workshops, we are involved in experiments with other dedicated professionals from around the globe who enjoy pushing the boundaries of the theatrical medium. This is our Já Universe. Hopefully, these creative explorations will plant the seed for ground-breaking new productions in the future.

Our aim is to bring to Lisbon plays, poems and texts that inspire, provoke, bewitch and stay with us.

Theatre is fundamentally a collaborative process whose impact and power stem from an act that is fundamentally human – the act of sharing – body, speech and mind. We are delighted to offer workshops through which knowledge, knowhow and technique can be shared.

Apart from the organisations which are already part of our ‘helping hand network’ we are always open to meet you, hear your challenges and help out in any way we can!
Upon the drenched mien of Lisbon that rests its soulful eyes on the unhurried sea, we promise to entertain, enquire and entice!

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