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An opera production company, based in Lisbon, directed by the soprano Catarina Molder and the producer Nuno Barroso , aims at bringing the passion of opera to everyone in many different formats including the audio-visual. To fulfil the crucial mission of reaching new audiences, Opera do Castelo has been launching innovative opera projects based on artistic and aesthetic concepts that combine tradition and contemporaneity, exploring the inter – disciplinarily power of this art form with daring creativity into the 21st century. It has presented opera in unexpected venues from discos, to public monuments and emblematic districts in the historic centre of Lisbon, as well as creating Opera Urban Festivals and  the acclaimed TV series Super Diva opera for everyone, already in its 3rd Portuguese Season and first EN, in worldwide distribution by Unitel.


Opera is 400 years old and over the last 100 years the audience has been watching, almost exclusively, the same operas from the past. It’s urgent to invest in present opera projects, with stories from now and up close this amazingly rich  art form from today’s audience.

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Costa do Castelo 70, 2º

1100-179 Lisbon – Portugal

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